Many forum members are banned, and all their time is wasted

There are many indians who are members of forums, spend a lot of time posting, yet their account is banned after some time, often without a valid reason.
Some of the members of Forumcoin whose account is banned are
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ForumCoin: 2,962

Posts: 4,239
Reputation: 251
ForumCoin: 170

Rational Mind
Posts: 4,006
Reputation: 302
ForumCoin: 34

It would be interesting to find out the reasons why their account is banned, whether NTRO got the account banned. Some of them appear to be indians. That is the reason the domain investor, prefers to develop her own websites, at least the content is not wasted.
If anyone has a forum account banning story, please send an email to

Author: dtadmin