Month: August 2018

Other Forum members also confirm major Indian internet sector SCANDAL

The domain investor owning this website has complained extensively about the google, tata masterminded PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD , IDENTITY THEFT since 2010, NTRO falsely claims that she is not patriotic to cover up the lies and cheating of ntro employees.

Other forum members are also complaining about the major Indian internet sector SCANDAL which is causing problems to many domain investors

I have asked Nixi and for an update multiple times with no response, their communication to registrants is appalling. There was meant to be an arbitration meeting in May, no news on it. It’s almost 8 months since these restrictions were placed on mitsu registered domain names, there’s no doubt that poor communication is making this situation even worse.

Thanks, mitsu told me to contact for an update, round and round in circles. Nixi/ treat their registrants with contempt by not answering enquiries and failing to communicate updates. Registrant domains held hostage for nearly 10 months, its a scandal.

NTRO has also restricted the forum account of a smaller indian domain registrar

Increasingly any indian citizen, who protests against the NTRO , government fraud in the indian internet sector , finds that they have no outlet online for exposing the fraud as their forum account will be suspended or restricted, showing that indian censorship is worse than chinese .

It is observed that a smaller indian domain registrar, who faced problems with government agencies had his forum account restricted on a major .in forum. The domain registrar was earlier fairly active on the forum, however after the problems started, the account was restricted and he is unable to post on the forum. It would be interesting to find out how ntro or their associate managed to get the forum account restricted. Now the domain registrar can communicate with his customers only on phone, and also mainly when they are in Mumbai

The endless battles of the domain investor, a private citizen owning this website with the sex, money bribe ntro employees who have stolen her memory, savings, identity and correspondence, are well documented, however it now appears that there at least 25 indian domain investors who are facing a similar problem with NTRO, indian government agencies related to the indian internet sector who are openly and brazenly abusing their powers, to create problems for domain investors and cannot be held accountable

When 25 or more domain investors are facing a problem, the ntro, government employees are at fault. If you are a domain investor residing in India , facing a problem, please send an email to

Learning About the AIM Stock Exchange

I knew next to nothing about investing in AIM, but I had been told by a few people I trust that it is something I should look into. I am a firm believer that you have to take risks to get anywhere in this life, so this was something I was keen on learning more about. The first thing I did was learn everything I could as far as the basics about Alternative Investment Market, which is now called AIM. This stock exchange must be doing something right because it has been around for nearly 25 years now.

When it first started, there were only ten companies that were part of it. Continue reading “Learning About the AIM Stock Exchange”

Times of India should check forums instead of cheater liar google, tata, ntro employees for correct news of greedy thane R&AW employee DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel

The indian mainstream media lacks credibility because Times of India,which claims to be the largest paper, allegedly relies on shameless liar cheater google, tata, ntro employees who are openly and brazenly involved in a major PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, FINANCIAL, BANKING, IDENTITY THEFT FRAUD since 2010, instead of checking forums for for correct news of greedy thane R&AW employee DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel , other fraud raw/cbi employees, NIXI, fraud

Both inforum and namepros have correct updated information of the endless frauds of shameless liar cheater NTRO , google, tata employees pampering, rewarding greedy thane R&AW employee DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel , who are controlling NIXI and causing great problems to real domain investors who have actually invested money in domain names, unlike shameless fraud R&AW employee asmita patel, who shamelessly and falsely claims to own domain names of a private citizen, google competitor to get a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the broke google competitor who is actually paying for domain names and is getting nothing because of the section 420 FRAUD NTRO employees who are making fake claims

Times of India carried the news of air india pilot named asmita chinchonkar as times of india were probably duped by section 420 fraud google,tata employees who are falsely claiming that the Shameless greedy thane gujju R&AW employee DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel who has refused to pay for any domain names in her life, owns the many and expensive domain names of a google competitor , so that the shameless greedy thane fraudster asmita patel gets a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the broke google competitor who is actually paying for the domain names and controlling them

Income tax returns, bank details will legally prove that the Shameless greedy thane gujju R&AW employee DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel with straightened hair, great flirting, makeup skills, investing in stock markets, has never invested any money in domain names in her life , yet google, tata, NTRO, R&AW are such shameless fraud agencies and organizations, that they continue with their fake claims about domain, website ownership

The greedy thane gujju R&AW employee DOMAIN FRAUDSTER asmita patel, google, tata, ntro employees led by the mhow cheater brahmin crook puneet, director of a domlur, bengaluru company ,are such shameless liars and cheaters that they falsely claim that the thane crook and othe raw/cbi employees, who do not spend any money online, have not answered JEE, own the websites where the news of their financial, domain fraud is posted including this one when greedy crook asmita and other raw/cbi employees faking the btech 1993 ee degree of the google competitor, are least interested in paying the market price of the domains and annual domain expenses .