Learning About the AIM Stock Exchange

I knew next to nothing about investing in AIM, but I had been told by a few people I trust that it is something I should look into. I am a firm believer that you have to take risks to get anywhere in this life, so this was something I was keen on learning more about. The first thing I did was learn everything I could as far as the basics about Alternative Investment Market, which is now called AIM. This stock exchange must be doing something right because it has been around for nearly 25 years now.

When it first started, there were only ten companies that were part of it. As of last year, there are over 1,000 companies. Everything I read about it made it seem like a wise thing to look further into, but I still did not know the first step, even though I was much more educated on it. I asked one of my friends who works in a bank, and he is the one who told me to check out Smarter Capital. He explained that this company is not how he started out with AIM, but it was the one he is with now and plans on staying with.

After looking over the website for this company, I knew that I was going to leave my investments in good hands. The person who owns it has been extremely successful with AIM investments, and I especially liked how he said what works for one person in investments may not work with another. Knowing that I would be an individual rather than just a number is what made all the difference to me. I am starting out slow, but I can already see the appeal of using this type of stock exchange to hopefully retire much earlier on!

Author: dhp