NTRO has also restricted the forum account of a smaller indian domain registrar

Increasingly any indian citizen, who protests against the NTRO , government fraud in the indian internet sector , finds that they have no outlet online for exposing the fraud as their forum account will be suspended or restricted, showing that indian censorship is worse than chinese .

It is observed that a smaller indian domain registrar, who faced problems with government agencies had his forum account restricted on a major .in forum. The domain registrar was earlier fairly active on the forum, however after the problems started, the account was restricted and he is unable to post on the forum. It would be interesting to find out how ntro or their associate managed to get the forum account restricted. Now the domain registrar can communicate with his customers only on phone, and also mainly when they are in Mumbai

The endless battles of the domain investor, a private citizen owning this website with the sex, money bribe ntro employees who have stolen her memory, savings, identity and correspondence, are well documented, however it now appears that there at least 25 indian domain investors who are facing a similar problem with NTRO, indian government agencies related to the indian internet sector who are openly and brazenly abusing their powers, to create problems for domain investors and cannot be held accountable

When 25 or more domain investors are facing a problem, the ntro, government employees are at fault. If you are a domain investor residing in India , facing a problem, please send an email to info@textads.in

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