Other Forum members also confirm major Indian internet sector SCANDAL

The domain investor owning this website has complained extensively about the google, tata masterminded PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD , IDENTITY THEFT since 2010, NTRO falsely claims that she is not patriotic to cover up the lies and cheating of ntro employees.

Other forum members are also complaining about the major Indian internet sector SCANDAL which is causing problems to many domain investors

I have asked Nixi and Registry.in for an update multiple times with no response, their communication to registrants is appalling. There was meant to be an arbitration meeting in May, no news on it. It’s almost 8 months since these restrictions were placed on mitsu registered domain names, there’s no doubt that poor communication is making this situation even worse.

Thanks, mitsu told me to contact Registry.in for an update, round and round in circles. Nixi/Registry.in treat their registrants with contempt by not answering enquiries and failing to communicate updates. Registrant domains held hostage for nearly 10 months, its a scandal.

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