A Mobile Hair Stylist for Mom

My mom had a stroke about a year ago. It was touch and go for a while, so we truly cherish each and every day now. She has been in rehab ever since, and she is making great strides in reclaiming her life. She is living back at home with my dad, and we are all just so grateful. My mom was complaining about her hair not long ago, and she immediately started laughing that life was returning back to normal! I had heard of an in-home beauty service company, and I decided to look further into that because I knew she would not feel comfortable enough to go to a hair salon.

We had been having my sister cut her hair when she comes in to visit every couple of months, but I knew Mom would feel so much better if she had a professional hair job done. Whether we are at our best or recuperating from a stroke, every woman likes to feel as beautiful as she can. I know that it is a luxury, but my mom deserves that and so much more for everything she has been through.

I contacted a mobile hair dresser, and she told me she could come out on whatever day was most convenient. My dad hangs out with his friends on Monday to give us our girl time, so we scheduled it for the following Monday. The hair stylist came out, and we instantly felt comfortable with her. She was just supposed to be there for Mom, but I ended up having her do my hair too. After seeing how nice of a job she did on Mom’s hair, I knew that I was going to become a regular customer of hers too. We still have a long road to go down, but we are going to be traveling it in style now thanks to our new hair stylist!

Author: dhp