I Locked My Purse, and Keys, in the Car

I never thought I would need the use of 24 hour Brisbane locksmiths, but that is the position I found myself in. I am not even from Brisbane, but I had to travel there not long ago for business. I got a nice hotel room, and I was enjoying my stay. Then, I locked my purse in my car by accident. I didn’t even have my phone with me because it too was in my purse. I went to the reception desk to get some advice since I did not know the first thing about what to do.

I guess I am not the first person to have done this because the receptionist was able to help me without a blink of the eye. She told me that there is a locksmith that comes out no matter the day or time, and he has a solid reputation in the community. I was concerned if he would be able to help me get in my car because it is not a common car. She was not able to answer that question, but she called the company for me and let me speak with them myself.

When I explained what had happened, the locksmith asked me what the make and model of my car was. When I told him, he said that it would not be a problem getting into it. He said there are very few cars that they are not able to unlock. That made me feel better, and he made my night even more so when he told me that he would be there within the hour. I honestly was not expecting such speedy service, but I was very grateful because I did not like having my purse in plain view all night long. The locksmith came and had my car opened up within no time. I don’t think I will be that forgetful again in the future!

Author: dhp