Corrupt BRAHMIN NTRO employees removing every post on other websites/forums as part of google, tata BRIBERY DEAL

In a clear indication of how ruthless ntro is in harassing the google competitor who identity they have stolen to enjoy free sex, get job, money bribes, they are removing almost all her posts on other websites to cause losses and waste her time.

So the google competitor is only focussing on her own websites , as she has complete control as long as she is paying the expenses.Opening a forum account on any website is a major waste of time, as ntro, nsa will close it any time, as part of the google, tata bribery deal with hathwar, kodancha and other shameless liar cheater greedy shivalli brahmins

Though the greedy shameless bengaluru shivalli brahmin fraud housewife nayanshree hathwar 2005 bbm from bhandarkars college of arts and science, kundapura is only looking after her house and family, does not do any work online, does not invest any money online, the fraud companies google, tata have got the shivalli brahmin cheater a R&AW job with the stolen identity of the google competitor, on the condition that her powerful fraud shivalli brahmin relatives like hathwar , kodancha, abuse their powers and close the account, steal all the orders of the google competitor as part of the BRIBERY DEAL.

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