Animated Videos Helped to Grow Our Church

Our church was growing in size, but we still wanted to attract new members. We wanted to share the joy that we have in the Lord with others, and we knew that we needed to have some kind of advertising campaign to do that. We considered the different talents that we members had, and we knew that we were sorely lacking in the creative department. Someone suggested that we use a company that does motion graphic in Singapore to help us out. She explained that this company helped with the business she works at, and the videos they create are humorous and effective.

Though we are about a very serious business, meaning salvation, we also have a fun time when we are all together. We discussed her suggestion and we were all in agreement that this could be the right way to go.

She got us the website for the company that does the graphics for her boss, and we were so impressed that we made a unanimous decision right then and there to talk with them about a campaign for the church. We met with them later that week, and it was a fun meeting!

Listening to the different ideas they had just from that initial meeting was surprising. They are really on the ball and very quick witted too. We knew that their personalities were the right ones to convey such a serious matter in a way that is inviting and will make people smile. They created several two dimensional characters for us, and then they created some animated three dimensional videos with them. The two dimensional ads were placed all over town where ever we could put them, and we aired the video on a local channel extensively. The end result is that our membership is higher than we expected, which is a good thing!

Author: dhp