We Had an Interesting Day in the Neighborhood

I would have definitely called a suffolkcountytreeservice.com” Suffolk county tree service myself, but the guy across the street was convinced that he could do it himself. I did not know enough to tell him he was stupid, but his wife definitely did it for me. The guy was drinking beer and it looked as though the one he had was not the first one that had been in his hand that day. At any rate it probably ended up about as badly as it could have for him, because the tree fell half of the way to the ground and got stuck in another tree. This guy was drinking and he was dumb enough to have gotten in the mess, but he was not dumb enough to try to go on with the project after the chainsaw got stuck in the tree. In hindsight it seems obvious that the weight of the tree is going to pinch the saw blade as you cut into it, but he did not know that before the fact.

The guy down the street drove by and he actually knew what to do, but he was not going to do it for free. First you cut about an inch and a half into the top side of the tree and when you remove the saw you fill the cut with twigs or such. That keeps the cut from closing up. Then you saw up from the bottom until you get close to the top cut. Obviously the trick is to finish that top cut without getting yourself in the way. That is a neat trick and when the tree fell that other chainsaw flew up after it hit the ground. I do not think that it was in good working order, but that was probably best for all concerned.

Author: dhp