Premium Liquids Offer a Wide Variety of Flavors

I quit smoking cigarettes about a month ago and must say that it is the most difficult habit to break. I smoked for 25 years and decided it was time to stop. I quit cold turkey and got quite irritable and fidgety. Somebody told me about vaping and I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t quite the same but it did kind of fill the void of not smoking. I’ve been using the tobacco flavored liquid and am getting quite bored with it. The website I order from has premium liquids available that I’m thinking about trying.

Once I got to the section of premium liquids I was amazed at how many different flavors there are. They have some really off the wall selections such as glazed donut, rice pudding, smores and even one called cornflake tart that tastes like a cornflake and syrup tart with a jolt of strawberry jam in it. They also carry all kinds of fruit flavors such as lemon, grape, cherry and mixed fruit. One that really caught my eye was the vanilla almond. There are too many flavors to choose from and I need to narrow it down to my top three choices.

I’m hoping that I am satisfied with vaping these different flavors and know it might come down to trial and error when trying out a new one. I went ahead and placed my order and was happy to find out they provided free postage on all orders over 15.00. I’m really looking forward to getting away from the traditional tobacco taste and trying something more refreshing. I’m already searching for the next couple of flavors that I want to try. Hopefully, these premium liquids will keep me from craving the urge to smoke real cigarettes. Only time will tell.

Author: dhp