A Christmas Shoot for Our Party

When my boss asked me to put together a small Christmas party in Bath for our office workers, I wanted to pick something really special. There are only ten of us here, and we all have such a great time together. I thought about the things we all have in common, and that is when an idea started to take root. We all love shooting and have been to Lady’s Wood at least once, some of us a lot more than that. The last time I was there was about a month ago, and I had heard they were going to have Christmas specials.

I went to the website to see if any were listed, and I knew that we were going to have fun as soon as I read through all the Christmas packages they have. I really liked the Partridge in a pear tree shooting package. The actual shooting would take about 90 minutes, and everything we would need is included in that price. When we first get there, we will all be able to enjoy light refreshments, and then the real fun starts after we get all of our gear for the actual shoot.

Instruction is included with the price, but like I said, all of us have been here at least once in the past, so we would not need that. We do get what we need, such as the clay pigeons, the cartridges, any safety equipment that we need, and even a gun if needed. After we have our fill, which is 25 clays each, then we get to have a Christmas lunch that is prepared specifically for us by their chef, who is one of the best in the business. When I told my boss, he was extremely pleased with this idea, and I booked our spots that same day. It’s something we are all looking forward to.

Author: dhp