East vs West online on forums

It appears that the cold war is not over online at least, and though NTRO employees may be defaming the google competitor without proof as having other problems, it appears that forums owned by east europeans, east european forum owners are also facing a similar problem online,
For example to ensure that the google competitor does not complain about NTRO, cbi identity theft, sex racket, human rights abuses, NTRO employees especially those related to shivalli brahmin cheater R&AW employees housewife nayanshree hathwar has been extremely aggressive in stalking the google competitor and getting her account closed on different forums, especially indian forums. The account is either not approved, or closed after some time without a valid reason.
Only domainer related forums and east european forums are not believing the complete lies of the NTRO employees as they are aware of the harsh reality of online discrimination
Earlier most of the larger forums and money making websites online were owned by American companies, however slowly east europeans are owning major websites online, which do not openly discriminate so much. The company that owned SEOclerks has now taken over Postloop

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