NTRO, CBI, R&AW employees harassing all those who are bidding for domain names of google competitor

In a clear case of abuse of power of google, tata, NTRO, CBI, R&AW and other indian government employees, they are harassing every person who will purchase domain names from a google competitor on forums, hacking their laptop and creating other problems also.
The harassment of indian government employees of bidders on some domain forums has become so intense , that no one is willing to bid for any high value domain of the google competitor, domain investor on forums
They are only interested in private sales or direct sales at dynadot to escape the harassment,atrocities
This attitude clearly shows the lack of humanity, greed, selfishness of the google, tata, cbi, ntro employees, they do not want to purchase the domain names paying the market price, and are not allowing the domain investor to sell to others to reduce her expenses, make some money from her investment.

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