Negative news of .in domains censored quickly on forums

The real domain investors are subjected to the most terrible atrocities imaginable with their identity, resume, correspondence, savings, memory stolen without a court order or legally valid reason by CBI, security agency employees , tortured with the most sophisticated weapons available in the world, causing very great pain. Additionally they are not allowed to post the news of the atrocities that they have been subjected to on forums, and websites that they do not own and are also not allowed to sell the .in domains at a fair price to cover their losses.
whenever the domain investor will post in the .in thread in the forum, it will be deleted falsely claiming politics or off topic as the cruel fraud ntro, cbi, security agency employees try to cover up their SEX , identity theft racket, stalking and human rights abuses
The .in domain investor is posting the harsh reality of torture, cheating, exploitation of a real .in domain investor only as a social service, so that other indian citizens do not make the mistake of investing a large amount of money in .in domain names, ruining their life, losing their retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason.

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