Month: September 2022

No one in India interested in forum posting showing how ruthless government agencies, internet companies are in their identity theft racket

Forum posting is paying very less, usually $0.01 or $0.015 per post, and most people in india with good internet, computer and english skills, can get better paying opportuniies and work even if they are working at home.
Yet showing how ruthles and greedy the indian internet companies, government agencies are in their identity theft racket, government SLAVERY on the single woman engineer, domain investor, that they are not allowing her to get any paid work in India at all, and from other countries also, diverting and stealing all her emails. The government agencies are also falsely claiming that fraud employees who do no writing work, own the iwriter account
So though the domain investor is well trained, hardworking, skilled forum posting is the only paid work which is available to her if she works at home. This show the ruthlessness and brutality of the government resume theft racket on single woman engineers with a good JEE rank, if they do not agree to identity theft, and wish to work at home, they will only get forum posting work which almost no one else in india is interested in.,