Month: August 2022

Now the rich and powerful communities, officials do not want the government slavery, resume theft victim to complain on forums

Supported by the indian tech and internet companies, rich and powerful communities, officials were extremely ruthless in their financial fraud, government slavery and slander of the goa 1989 jee topper,single woman engineer, ensuring that she did not get any paid work in india, and using her stolen resume to get government jobs for their lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends .
Now they have even blocked the writing work on iwriter, so the domain investor is posting on forums, telling people about how the government, indian tech and internet sector works, blindly believing the lies of the rich and powerful while all the complaints of the government slavery, resume theft victim are ignored.
It appears that the rich and powerful are also extremely image conscious, so they do not want the government slavery, resume theft victim to complain online. On one forum with an indian moderator, the person told her directly that she should not post negative information
yet when the fraud of the well paid government employees is causing great losses, why should the domain investor not post her complaints, when all other citizens including goan bhandari domain fraudster raw employee sunaina chodan are complaining when they lose a small amount of Rs 355 due to online fraud
In another forum, the internet connection was blocked when the domain investor posted her complaint about the atrocities of the rich and powerful

Forum referrals of the domain investor are being stolen by government agencies and diverted to their associates like ginge

Though india is officially celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence from the british, some domain investors, online exporters, engineers continue with their lonely struggle against one of the greatest government SLAVERY, cybercrime, financial fraud racket, educational frauds in the indian internet sector allegedly masterminded by google, tata

The karnataka intelligence agencies are ruthless in their financial fraud, government SLAVERY of the goa 1989 jee topper since they are getting huge bribes and profits, mercilessly cheating, exploiting and robbing her. In addition to stealing her resume to get bengaluru’s top brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree a raw job faking a btech 1993 ee degree from iit bombay, stealing all her leads,orders, so that she gets no paid work at all other than the small amount of iwriter work they are, continuing to do everything to cause great losses.
For example the domain investor has noticed that she is not getting any kind of referrals from forums, though she is advertising her website, and getting some visitors according to propellerads and other statistics, In contrast, she has got a large number of referrals from 2captcha and even one referral from the sms website, though the profile of the users is very similar
The domain investor now thinks that all her forum referrals are being diverted to ginge, who has got 17 referrals from one forum, despite not having any kind of website or other online presence.
It appears that it is more difficult for the karnataka government agencies to steal the sms program referrals, so they are doing everything they can to ensure that the promotion of the sms program is not attractive with ginge doing everything to belittle the program after it was advertised online.