Month: July 2022

Mika from Nepal banned on Beermoneyforum

One of the main problems with forum posting is that online content is closely controlled,and getting work does not depend on your writing skills. Beermoneyforum is one of the largest paid to post forums, yet it is only suitable for some members, others are banned without any reason. While the shivalli brahmin hiding behind bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree, are controlling the content, and getting those who they hate banned to reduce their income, it appears that other forum posters are also not getting any work or have their account deleted

This post from Trendri is reposted for reference

VIP Contributor ยท From NP

I don’t doubt you and I trust your honest review, however, I will have to warn people who want to join this site or its sister site. The admin is a psycho. He bans anyone at his whim. I was once posted on Beer Forum. I made my first withdrawal of $2 via BTC. For my second withdrawal, I wanted to reach a higher payment, therefore, even when I had made $4 I continued posting, however, one day when I went to log into the site I found that I was banned. I tried to reach the support via the contact page but I could not use the contact page because it said I was banned and I cannot use any of its services. Can you imagine I could not even send a message to plead my case? The owner was on Forum Coin, where he was called Mr. B. Since I was posting on Forum Coin, I decided to ask Mr. B why I was banned. He said I was banned for “trash post.” I have made 3600 posts on this forum, can anyone charge me with trash posts. There are a lot of writers on this forum who were banned without any valid reasons.

Some subreddits have corrupt moderators deleting posts exposing atrocities on women professionals

Top government officials engineering fraud, resume theft to get kolhapur/panaji sindhi school dropout naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, government job can be confirmed , yet government agencies are ruthless in covering it up, and it was deleted from the subreddit twoXIndia which falsely claims that it is a safe place for indian women when it is openly supporting scammers like sindhi school dropout naina premchandani

Top government officials making fake claims about a sindhi school dropout housewife to get her a government job
Some extremely powerful government officials are completely infatuated with a sindhi school dropout housewie and making completely fake claims about her to get her a government job. The kolhapur/panaji school dropout is only eighth standard pass, was illegally married at the age of sixteen, and is only cooking and cleaning for her crooked husband since then, no engineering company would hire her since she has no computer, internet, english skills .
Top government officials hate a hardworking single woman engineer, have been criminally defaming her since 2010,and are falsely claiming that the school dropout has the resume, savings, bank account of the single woman to get the schooldropout a lucrative government job at the expense of the single woman, who is then slandered by the school dropout, her scammer sons, husband, powerful boyfriends, lovers in government agencies, sindhi communities, leaders
Though the sindhi scammer housewife has never used a computer in her life indian tech and internet sector are also supporting and rewarding the shameless sindhi scammers in their endless banking, online frauds, duping companies, countries and people with their lies.
Do top government officials, tech and internet companies make fake claims about school dropouts to get them government jobs or is this an isolated case?
This was posted and it was deleted after some time since the indian internet and tech companies are extremely aggressive in supporting the sindhi scammers and other domain fraudster government employees in their financial fraud