My Brother’s Website is a Success

My brother is self employed. He has a few people who work with him, though others have often wondered how such a small crew gets so much done. It is because they are talented in what they do, plus all of them have a very strong work ethic. I help him with some of the office tasks because that is not his strong point at all. When I suggested that we look into hiring an ecommerce web design company, he was not sure we really needed that. I explained that it would streamline a lot of the office stuff, and it would be much more efficient for his clients too.

Right now, his clients have to make an appointment to either see him or talk with him on the phone, because he is in the field so much. With a new website, they can submit their questions quickly and even make payments on their bills. They can set up their own appointments for him to come to their house and give new quotes, or even reschedule work if something unexpected has come up. They would be able to browse through all the options they have for their remodeling, rather than come in and go through all the books in the office.

That alone would save my brother hours because some people just do not know what they want until they have looked at every last option. I even looked up some companies that do this kind of work, and I was able to get him a great quote from one of them. When I showed him some of their other web designs, he was instantly sold on it. He actually saves quite a few hours of time each week now, and he has had to hire a few more people because work is coming in faster than ever now.

Author: dhp