Chasing My Dreams with Education

When my husband encouraged me to follow my dreams with a new career, I knew that it would take a bit of determination on my part. I have been out of school for over two decades, so I knew that I probably forgot more than I remembered when it came to business practices. I also knew that a lot of what I had learned was probably outdated by this point. I did not want to get a new business degree, but I figured taking a mini-MBA might be the right move so I could get re-familiarized with everything that I forgot as well as everything that had probably changed since I was on campus.

My husband had already researched this thoroughly and had found an online company that teaches the fundamentals of business to people like me. They approach it in a way that I knew would suit me. They have three modules with each having three elements. The first one is watching short videos that explain the fundamentals easily. The next element is where students do exercises to apply what they have learned. The third element is the transformation one, which takes an individualistic approach so people can focus on what makes them stronger and better with what was learned.

I really like the way they have the information set up for the students. I like that I am learning everything by video, because I am a visual learner. I can comprehend when I read a textbook, but I just do better when I am able to watch a lesson and just soak everything in. Now that I have done the mini-MBA course and have received my certificate, I feel much more ready to just go out and start living the work life I had always dreamed of for myself.

Author: dhp