When will R&AW withdraw the powers given to GREEDY FRAUD STOCK BROKER RAW employee asmita patel on forums

Though the GREEDY FRAUD STOCK BROKER RAW employee asmita patel was least interested in purchasing domains, to destroy competition for 7 years, google, tata promoted the conwoman asmita patel, falsely claiming that the cheater , who did not spend any money on domains, was a domain investor, owning the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer.
The single woman engineer was spending Rs 4-5 lakh annually on domain renewals, yet google, tata were such fraud companies that they supported the conwoman asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees in their FRAUD of faking domain ownership.
Additionally R&AW its greedy fraud employee asmita patel and the crooked gang hiding behind her, great powers in the indian internet sector, especially on domain forums based on the FAKE CLAIMS of the SHAMELESS gujju GREEDY FRAUD STOCK BROKER RAW employee asmita patel
The indian internet sector is so full of frauds, that they did not think that making FAKE CLAIMS about domains was incorrect, and it was damaging the reputation of india. Finally it appears that godaddy decided to find out who actually owns the domains, because in other countries, domain registrars are more honest and acknowledge the investor spending money on domains.
So after a large domain sale through godaddy, it was confirmed that the GREEDY FRAUD STOCK BROKER RAW employee asmita patel was not paying any money for domains, did not control them, relied on google, tata, sugar daddies like mhow monster puneet to make FAKE CLAIMS. It appears that stock broker asmita patel was told to register her own domain, and now she has her own website.
Yet despite not spending any money on domains, stock broker asmita patel continues her great powers on forums, making it difficult for the real domain investor to post or work on forums. So the domain investor, is asking R&AW, NTRO to remove the powers for stock broker asmita patel and her gang who never spent any money on domains, give it to someone who wishes to help all genuine indian domain investors

Author: dtadmin