Why was James Bond of India, falsely claiming to own google competitor’s Namepros account in 2014?

The google competitor is and always was a private citizen, who has no interaction with any intelligence employees any time in her life , as she was considered too ugly and low status for these R&AW/intelligence employees to interact with. However even in March 2014, these raw employees “James Bond of India” were falsely claiming to own the llll.com domains, namepros account of the google competitor, who they had never interacted with, and she was attacked by other members in the following way

Yes, indeed, registered in 2007-that is, in plain English-the crumbs that were left.

Above renewal fees? Is renewal fee $250?

I’ve sold better and older LLLL domains for $10-$15 here at NP-and for the very least they had 7 days left before renewal.

Your list of domains are on your site, available for the public to view, and even indexed by google.

So here is his site: http://dq*.com. Why do you have a site up 007? Since your the James Bond of India it seems who get’s spied on.

I wanted to buy the domain that ended in za, cjza.com I’ve bought way better llll below $250-so why would I lease it from you or pay that ridiculous price for a domain that you can’t even renew yourself? You didn’t respond with a price like a sane person would… you mentioned the lease thing.

At that point, it struck me that cj= cocaine junkie… I’m better off without it.

You want me to offer you more than $10 for a domain that is expired and I still have to pay $10 renewal on? So let’s say that $20 would’ve been my total which is generous for a 2007 random letter domain. Waiting until “cocaine junkie” from za makes an offer? Could be a long time before he can even afford a reg-fee domain. 😉

For $20, you’d be better off with a gram of awesome quality weed. Get high for three days. No cocaine.
For $250, you could easily get 12/13 grams of the same awesome quality weed… Now why the hell would I wanna give $250 to some person who spends $xxx,xxx on domains, but can’t pay renewals? If it sounds like sh!t, it probably is.

Why are the girlfriends hot? Does it even matter? :laugh: My ex-girlfriends were all hot when I dated them. Some still are. But give them 10 years and when you see them again, they not that sexy anymore- if at all. Hell, they not even that cunning anymore. hahahaha

But it was clear from your PM, that you require a financial bailout-to “lease for a year”… that is, “pay my renewals on these expired domains please”. Let’s see how these names drop.

I’m not running the IMF-the Internet Monetary Fund, so no baliout.”


The domain investor, is an engineer, private citizen, so why is the member NPer falsely claiming that the account belongs to the ” James Bond of India”. This also exposes the mental stress the google competitor was subjected to. R&AW and other indian intelligence agencies owe the google competitor, engineer, domain investor, an explanation, why government employees are misusing her name, falsely claiming to own her domains, when they had not contacted her at all till 2014, and have not contacted in future also

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