We Get Transported Once a Week by Bus

The company I work for purchased another business not that long ago. While they are definitely offer two distinctively different services, we are able to combine some things for a more fluid flow. That means that once a week, up to 20 of us report to the new business to handle things there. At first, we were driving our own vehicles or catching a bus between the two. Our boss decided to make it easier on us and hired a bus charter in Singapore to transport our small group on a regular basis.

He explained that it was just going to be easier since not all of us arrived at the same time. It was also a pain for some of us to get to the other place, and he did not want us to incur added stress or expenses by having to arrange for our own transportation. That is the kind of boss that he is, and it is why we all want to do the best possible job for him. Having this transportation taken care of has also helped us in a couple of different ways too.

Since the commute is nearly 30 minutes each way, it has given us an hour to spend with each other where we are not working. While we do discuss some work projects, it has also allowed all of us to get to know each other so much better. We were always friendly, but getting to know each other with this extra hour of time every week really added to our relationships with one another. Our boss travels with us sometimes, and he always makes those bus rides fun. He even takes us out for dinner on the way home, which is always a nice bonus! Yes, having this bus transport us is definitely better all the way around.

Author: dhp