I Nearly Got in a Fight Last Weekend

I have known this guy since I was a freshman in high school and the guy has never been quite right, but he was always really smart in spite of that. At any rate the guy has a great job which he seems to hate, working in cybersecurity for a big bank. Of course I sort of wonder how he gets past the drug tests, because I know that he does a number of things that he should not. I have seen him buy diazepam with paypal on the web, which is the real name for valium if you did not know. Of course he needs that stuff so that he can sleep some time, because he takes a whole lot of adderall. He has a prescription for that, which is not so hard to get when you clearly have ADD or ADHD or whatever they call it. He used to get in trouble all of the time because of it and sometimes because the pills did not work like they should.

At any rate this guy is really on the edge all of the time and I went out with him last weekend. It was not very long before I regretted it. We went to this place down by the college campus. They had a good band playing and we got there a bit late, so they were not going to let us in until some other people left. Of course he started to act all hyper and the guy at the door started to think that he was looking for trouble. A lot of those guys are just itching to get into it with anyone who even looks at them cross. So I am just looking to drink a couple of beers and talk to girls, but I end up getting thrown out before I got in.

Author: dhp