We Have a Problem with Geese

At first the boss expected me and some other guys to do this job, but I had no clue how to get rid of this sort of nuisance and after doing a bit of research I started to think that this would be a risky thing to do without some knowledge. There are pretty obviously rules about www.birdsandgeesebeware.com/canada-geese/”>Canada geese control in New Jersey and if you do not know what you are doing, then there is a chance that you might end up doing something kind of dumb and getting crosswise with the state of New Jersey. It just is not worth it to me and of course it does you no good to tell the police that your boss told you to do something which turned out to be against the rules. So after some time I convinced him that it was a lot smarter to go ahead and pay some guy who knew what it was that you do to get rid of the geese.

In fact the boss is upset because he has a nice car, a Jaguar XKE and these geese seem to fly over it on a regular basis and leave their calling card behind. It is a convertible, but he is not leaving the top down for good reason and he does not like that to be honest. It is pretty clear that they would leave their mark on the seats if he did that, so he does not for good reason. Still I do not know how you get rid of them now. It was probably a lot easier back when people could just get a shotgun and start roasting them for Sunday dinner. You can do that if you are out in the country, but here in the city it would not be legal.

Author: dhp