Oak Tree Scraping Windows During Storm Was Creepy

We have a really big tree growing outside of our bedroom window. It is so big that I could almost just step out onto a branch thick enough to support my weight. Just below the window is a bent branch that curves away from the house back toward the yard. That curved part is as thick as my leg. When the other branches got big enough to start scraping the window during storms, I called a www.clearviewtree.com”>Nassau County tree pruning firm to trim that big tree. I did not even know what kind of tree it was until they told me. All I knew is that the sound of branches scraping your window in the middle of the night can really creep you out. I thought someone had climbed the tree and was standing on that thick branch trying to get in the window. I was afraid to look out the window!

The tree’s branches were overhanging our porch roof too, and that is a risk for encouraging the growth of algae on the shingles. I have seen that on a lot of other homes, and it is not a pretty site. The tree people told me it does not compromise the integrity of the shingles, but it is quite unsightly. Proper pruning took away the problem of the branches scraping our windows as well as the possibility of contributing to algal growth on our porch roof. The tree looks different, but it looks good. It looks healthier now that the big crooked branch is gone.

I will be calling the Nassau County tree pruning service to come out and keep this tree under control. They tell me it is healthy and not a threat to our foundation or sewer system. It is a really big tree, and I would not want it falling on the house.

Author: dhp