This Condo Development is the Perfect Combination for Me

I knew with just a quick glace at the Singapore New Futura condo development that it is going to be one of the more luxurious developments in the area. It has so much going for it, but what I like best is just how it looks. It is a mix of technology, art and even nature, and the combination is just mesmerizing. I was able to watch some videos online of what it will look like when it is done, and it really is going to be the focal point of the area with the two tall towers looking majestic both in the daytime and in the evening hours.

There is care in every aspect of this development too. The towers themselves are architectural masterpieces. They stand tall and regal compared to the rest of the cityscape, and the outdoor pools midway up really are nothing short of amazing. I can only imagine right now how it would feel to swim so high above the city, but one day I will know exactly how that feels. I imagine it is going to be fantastic! That is not all though, because the amenities are plentiful for all the residents who are lucky enough to be able to call this place home.

There are many pools, a fitness facility, a walking path, areas for both children and pets to play, social areas, clubhouses, and much, much more. The units are spacious, and I am actually contemplating buying one that is much bigger than what I need. The main reason is because once I move here, I know I won’t want to move. I also know that one day I hope to have a wife and children, and I wanted the room to already be there for them. I really cannot wait to see what happens!

Author: dhp