NTRO employees ruthless in preventing any discussion on forums on NIXI registrar termination

Only those who have invested their time and money in domain names are likely to be affected when NXI terminated a particular .in domain registrar, those faking domain ownership like the google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI employees are least interested as they are only getting the benefits, not investing anything or taking any kind of risk.
Forcing the domain investor to transfer domain names is very expensive for the domain investor, as they have not made any financial provision for renewing so many domain names within 14 days, many months before their real renewal date. Also NIXI is not announcing the name of the new domain registrar after 7 days, so that the domain investor can move the domain names away.
However the NTRO employees are controlling the indian internet sector very tightly, only their associates, stooges and puppets are allowed to succeed online in India,and so there is almost no discussion on the termination, as the insiders have the information required, and refuse to provide any information to those who are not well connected.

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