A Lot of Features for Our Children

When I found out that Parc Life is right next to Canberra Park, I knew I needed to find out more information on it. My husband has been wanting to move, and this seemed like the ideal location for our small family for a number of reasons. The main reason is that it would be closer to where he works, but the other reasons were just as important because they involved our two children. I knew that living so close to Canberra Park would be a blessing for our family, and it did not take me long to find out that there are quite a few other things for us to do at Parc Life too.

We had been living in his parent’s house for the last six years, and we were ready to strike out on our own. We get along really well with them, mainly because the house is situated so we each have our own living quarters. We wanted more though, and we wanted our children to be surrounded by other kids too so they could develop normally. At his parents’ house, the closest kids were nearly three miles away.

That is why I got so excited about Canberra Park. It would be just a minute’s walk to get there since there was access right from the EC development. There is also a lot of activities and features there that would make all of us happy. The kids will have several play areas here, including two spa experiences that I know they will really like. There are spa experiences for my husband and myself too, along with a fitness center, tennis courts, and so much more. It is also located in a great school district. The best part is that our children will have friends all around them here.

Author: dhp