Paypal account of bidder on forum disabled after bidding on domain name of google competitor

American companies like google, paypal are extremely wealthy and powerful because the american intelligence agencies like nSA, CIA are working actively to increase their profit, destroy competition. On the other hand, it is difficult for indian companies to flourish internationally, because indian intelligence agencies like NTRO, cbi, R&AW are full of unpatriotic officials who will take bribes to increase the profit of google, cause losses to indian google competitor
For example when a google competitor listed a domain name for sale online at a forum auction at a relatively low price in September 2017, the bidder cancelled his bid after some time, because he said that his paypal account was locked and he would be unable to pay for the domain name.
Earlier also the domain investor observed that for other domains listed for sale, buyers are not interested in bidding openly for domain names on forums, they are sending private messages offering to purchase the domain names, as their paypal account or domain name account is likely to be disabled or locked as part of google’s systematic campaign to destroy competition financially and otherwise.

This clearly indicates how indian domain investors, online business owners get almost no help from the indian intelligence and security agencies unlike the american companies and domain investors who get a lot of help in destroying competition

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