Defamation on Inforum by allinone

It appears that for a long time, forums have been used to defame harmless domain investors. The google competitor, domain investor and engineer has been subjected to defamation without any proof at all from 2008-2009 by cunning shameless frauds who do not have the courage to face her with their lies. For example on Inforum a fraud member called allinone made an extremely defamatory false post claiming that he had made a payment to the HDFC bank account, when the google competitor had not received any payment at all, and had not communicated with anyone.
The cunning fraud allinone appeared to have got the details from the website and made up a fake story with a fake address only to defame the google competitor, domain investor. When the domain investor asked the forum moderator for proof the defamatory post was only removed, as the fraud allinone could not provide any kind of proof, and naturally did not reply to the clarifications required.
The only person who responded to the post by allinone was Ace (mahesh patel) a domain investor from UK, who allegedly may be knowing who allinone was, because allinone never participated in the forum other than making the post defaming the google competitor. It appears that the inforum account was only created by member allinone only for defaming the domain investor, google competitor
Later the domain investor was again subjected to a vicious defamation in 2010-2017, and the modus operandi was similar , making allegations without any proof at all, and refusing to defend their lies. Allegedly indore frauds veena, deepika, mahesh, j srinivasan, puneet, parmar were involved in making fake allegations without any proof at all, to defame, cheat, exploit and torture the harmless domain investor
In case of fraud inforum member allinone, there was no major loss as no one interfered, however in 2010-2017 because of the cunning fraud shameless cheater ntro, cbi, raw, tata, google employees like puneet, j srinivasan , patel, parmar, vijay, and others, the domain investor faced great losses as her memory, savings, correspondence, and resume were stolen without a court order or legally valid reason by cbi, security agency employees

Author: admin