Like the google competitor, east europeans also face a problem online on forums like Webhostingtalk

It appears that the cold war is not over online at least, and though NTRO employees may be defaming the google competitor without proof as having other problems, it appears that forums owned by east europeans, east european forum owners are also facing a similar problem online,
For example to ensure that the google competitor does not complain about NTRO, cbi identity theft, sex racket, human rights abuses, NTRO has been extremely aggressive in stalking the google competitor and getting her account closed on different forums.
So the webhosting talk account was closed giving extremely flimsy excuses after a fraud NTRO employee tried to defend the theft of the google competitors retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason.
However it appears that the google competitor is not the only person facing the problem, the admin of internetlifeforum, which is a czech forum also complained that his webhostingtalk account was closed without a valid reason
On lowendtalk also there were others complaining that their webhosting talk account was closed without a valid reason.

Author: admin