“James Bond of India” falsely claiming to own domain names, forum account of google competitor

In addition to stalking, isolating, stealing the savings,resume, correspondence and memory of a harmless google competitor, the indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely ruthless in misusing the name of the google competitor to cause maximum losses and damage to her, exploit her to the maximum extent possible
On a domain forum, the google competitor, domain investor realized the extent of the problem, when a forum member who she had not interacted with, started attacking the domain investor as being the james bond of india, and that there were only a few domains left
It was then, that the domain investor who was not getting any financial help from anyone realized that some one powerful was misusing her name, falsely claiming to own her domain names, when she had not interacted with any person regarding the domain names. The person who was making fake claims about the domain names was a very good liar, almost everyone was believing in his fake claims of domain and forum account ownership
James Bond was the fictional spy working for MI6, the british external intelligence agency. The domain investor is an engineer and does not know anyone from indian intelligence agencies or any person in the indian internet sector very well.
It was then that the great google, tata, NTRO domain fraud was exposed slowly the domain investor realized that someone extremely powerful was spying on her and then misusing her name to dupe a large number of people, companies and countries.
More than 7 years after the fraud started in 2010, the google competitor, domain investor has no confirmed information about the indian government employees who misused her name and defamed her.

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