Fraud webhosting talk member chatbox gets account of google competitor suspended

Webhosting talk has a lot of members and can be used to sell domain names. However it has a large number of fraud members who are closely associated with the extremely corrupt fraud SEX bribing NTRO employees
One of the greatest frauds online is the webhosting talk member chatbox (member id 34820), who joined webhosting talk om April 2003, and has around 300 posts . There is no reason why indian government employees getting a good salary from the indian government should steal and keep the retirement savings of a private citizen, single woman engineer without a court order or legally valid reason.
However the fraud webhosting talk member chatbox tried to defend the theft of savings without a legally valid reason, falsely claiming that the google competitor had a large number of domain names. When the fraud chatbox realized that he could not defend the theft, he managed to get the account of the google competitor suspended so that the google competitor could not sell domains on the forum, to reduce her losses.

Author: admin