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Covid-19 virus may be developed in the lab according to forum sources

Though the mainstream media remains in denial, there is a possibilty that the covid-19 virus was developed in the lab
In Crossroads with Joshua Philipp.
Good chronological relatives investigated how Wuhan Market is just a camouflage, the virus may have slipped out of the P4 lab in Wuhan where some BioWarfare was being developed

Unlike most indian citizens, the domain investor is subjected to non-consensual human experimentation since 2010, because ntro, raw employees especially her btech 1993 ee classmates hate her intensely and want her to die at the earliest, after stealing her identity to get their girlfriends raw/cbi jobs at her expense . They are always infecting her with various viruses, hoping to ruin her health completely, in a case of human rights abuses

Though the media reported that the virus was transmitted from animals, there is a possibility that it was part of biowarfare developed in the lab, which accidentally slipped out. In india the intelligence and security agency employees are often infecting some citizens who they hate with viruses, especially those from poorer communities, when they cannot find a legally valid reason.

With most countries imposing lockdowns , on a more amusing note there is photo of the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, with the caption, Is everyone enjoying their 30 day free trial of communism? The quora digest is also increasingly focussing on Russia, in india, indicating a Russian link

Coronavirus spreads faster if people kiss or hug each other while greeting according to forums

In some countries the coronavirus covid-19 has spread fast, allegedly because people kiss or hug each other while greeting according to some members of webhosting forums
In many societies, kissing or hugging is a standard practice, while in India, in some communities there is little physical touching after the child reaches 7-8 years
Many people do not like being touched, and then they are falsely labelled as autistic, to deny them the income and opportunities they deserve, to cheat, and exploit them for the rest of their life.
So to prevent this exploitation, now young children, especially in USA are being forced by their mother to hug people, though the child does not like it and also does not like being hugged.
The covid-19 pandemic may end the forced hugging.

Due to decrease in advertising rates, forums are charging subscription fee

In 2019, advertising rates have decreased, since google has destroyed all competition
So advertising is no longer enough for forums to cover their running expenses, especially larger forums

hence some forums have started charging a subscription fee, $5 a month, for using the services and accessing the different sections
Members who do not subscribe can only send one message daily